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Expected to Launch in 2023, Project Slingshot Invites Private Alpha Testers to Lock and Load. Seattle, WA – August 31, 2022 – C77 Entertainment®, a new studio helmed by industry veterans, today announced Project Slingshot, codename for an all-new multiplayer First Person Shooter (FPS) expected to launch in 2023.

Part of Embracer Freemode, a home for creators and entrepreneurs within the gaming and entertainment industry, C77 Entertainment® is a newly formed studio led by industry veterans from the likes of EA® Dice™ and 343 Industries™, a team with decades of experience and responsible for some of gaming’s most prestigious FPS games.

Project Slingshot promises a uniquely fresh take on the FPS genre. A new IP, players are invited to enter a world where corporations rule, using battles to settle their differences to devastating effect. Capitalizing on the chaos, big business monetizes their thirst for power by televising the combat to an adoring TV audience, with players fighting for fame and the will to survive. An objective-based 16v16 sandbox, Project Slingshot promises an experience like no other when gamers pick their weapon of choice and enter the adrenaline-fueled combat of the new world. Watch Alpha Teaser Trailer:

Those brave enough to participate in the live survival spectacle, won’t have to wait long, as C77 Entertainment® is currently recruiting for private participants as the game enters Alpha testing. Those interested in signing up are encouraged to visit for more details.

C77 Entertainment® is led by CEO Mattias Kylén, Multiplayer Level Lead behind many fan-favorite Battlefield™ maps including Operation Metro, Grand Bazaar, Siege of Shanghai, Caspian Border and more.

Commenting on the game Mattias Kylén said, “We’re thrilled to announce Project Slingshot, a game we have poured our hearts and soul into. Entering private Alpha testing is an important milestone for us, as we finally get to lift the lid on what we’ve been working on.”

Continuing, Mattias said, “A new multiplayer IP of this scale is a huge undertaking, and the private Alpha testing gives us the opportunity to test, tweak and improve performance. We’re focused on evolving the genre with ideas we’re excited about, rather than chasing trends which we believe gamers will rightly reject. We want to build our community with honesty and integrity, using the feedback we receive to craft a better FPS which we’re confident gamers will love.”

To learn more about C77 Entertainment® please visit: Follow on Twitter at

About C77 Entertainment® C77 Entertainment is a new game studio developing big action experiences for PC and consoles. C77 is led by Mattias Kylén and Kenny Magnusson; two Swedes with a long history in the industry. Together they've worked on several award-winning AAA titles, including leadership roles on franchise development teams such as Halo, Battlefield, and Mercenaries. Located in Seattle, the C77 Entertainment® team consists of passionate developers with deep experience in AAA game development and VFX. Since the inception of C77 in 2019, the studio has grown by adding more diverse and creative developers as they continue work on their debut game. C77 Entertainment® is proud to be a part of the Embracer Group.

About Embracer Freemode

Embracer Freemode (“Freemode”) is Embracer Group`s 11th Operating Group. Freemode is a global ecosystem of independently run companies led by passionate creators, entrepreneurs and business leaders with decades of combined experience in gaming and entertainment. Freemode supports its businesses with strategic, operational and financial support, helping its businesses accelerate growth with a long-term mindset.

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